Despite this being only my second ever visit to Crouch End, I still expected there to be a few contenders for my review.  I considered Melange (a bit early for lunch),  Café Circus (interesting but cramped) and Cafeteria where screaming babies were being held aloft like dribbling trophies.

Then I spotted Harris + Hoole. Despite being a Northerner (many of my fellow ferret-worriers have never heard of this chain since the most northern one is Cambridge or Buckingham) I have visited two London branches Imperial Wharf and Tooley St ones before. Even Romford Tesco has one – are we northerners not good enough for H+H? No, don’t answer that!

Anyhoo, this cafe is definitely trying to be cool  – if it was personified it would be Steve McQueen and Bjorn Borg trapped in a tall American style Smeg.

Floorboards, exposed brick-work and artisan cakes bien sur. Good proper coffee where they take care over the making of it and give a toss.

The café is visually appealing; T-shirts and art for sale (photography and watercolours) are spotlighted perfectly. The store chalk noticeboard is in the right place and show what is happening in the store. I also like the ‘Coffee’ and ‘Not Coffee’ menu. Just the titling appeals to me. Even the staff are efficient and friendly. The wifi is even quick. Oh and the furniture is varied, well laid out and comfy in the main.

So the coffee is top-notch (I had a latte) as you’d expect from a company that roasts the beans in its own roastery (from a single source) yawn. I also ordered a satisfying (except for my IBS) cheese toastie with cayenne pepper.

Maybe the toilet will be the Achilles heal? It’s very ordinary and the door could do with a bit of a paint and it’s not up to the same standard… look I’m just being picky! So I gave up trying to find some imperfection or something to moan about. Damn you Harris and Hoole, get your arse in the M6 and up to the North!

Verdict: 5/5

Good: Everything.

Bad: Erm will get back to you.