This is a street I have wandered down many times over the years but the cafes that occupies the corner spot of England’s Lane and Antrim Road has not often appealed to me; I saw them as too cramped, busy and a little dull maybe.

So in the market for a sit-down one afternoon, I decided to give this cafe a go. OK it’s not exactly spacious but (by England’s Lane’s standards) you can get (sort of) comfy on a metal chair and a small table. African parents sat down just to my left with a baby that started to crawl all over the chairs. I feared the worse but to the parent’s credit the baby did not make a sound. Then I discovered they are shoving anything to hand into its mouth. A parenting technique I approve of and something I try to apply to myself šŸ™‚

We were served by Antipodeans and served well. Home made cakes as is norm, fresh salads laid out on the inside wall near the counter near the few tables and their is a small upstairs section where you can look down on your fellow diners. And I am sure they do that a lot here!

I had a delicious bacon and tomato quiche with a green bean salad followed by a lemon tart. This gets a thumbs up from me or at least a fist if I was in Soho. šŸ™‚

Bill was a bit high but I’d just seen David Mitchell and his family walk past so I quickly realised that, thank God, I wasn’t in the middle of Crewe!

Verdict: 4.5/5

Good: Pretty much all.

Bad: A bit cramped. Not cheap but think about where you are.