I decided to drop into the most interesting café in Cannock (wowzer I hear you say). and decamped to a slightly cold and cramped table by the back door. I ordered a cup of tea which was delivered with a bottle of milk in the cup – so the germs off the bottle are now in my cup cheers for that! It was ‘Toastie Thursday’ when I went in – not as exciting as it sounds. I was expecting them to come and wrap me in blankets and a hot water bottle but instead I just got a toasted sandwich and regular hot drink for a fiver.

The menu is standard really with a reasonable choice including cakes and booze along with the usual sandwiches (and gf options) etc.

Comfort wise the chairs were black leather sofas and tub chairs among other beach furniture but laid out quite well.  Plenty of pictures on wall to look at though. A few with (trendy) velo pics and vespas. Pics of film starts and Warhols VW Beatles pics – not very exciting but better than blank walls. The vibes was quite relaxing with Motown and James Brown playing on the radio but this was punctured by the owner sat in the corner swearing loudly as she tried to get through to a call centre somewhere oblivious to the disturbance she was causing.

Not sure who the eponymous Nino is but his face is on the menus but he looks like a gang member out of West Side Story. It was early morning and as I got up to left I overheard a middle-aged couple ordering booze before 10am. Maybe they should call this place Caffe del Wino.

Verdict: 2/5

Good: Vibe. Food fine.

Bad: A bit meh.