This Italian-American cafe on the main drag in town. It’s slightly quirky inside and quite interesting to look at; film posters adorn the walls, records, enamel advertising signs, musical instruments and flashing lights. There are also lots of bibilots around such as old cameras and typewriters and my table had antique golf clubs above it and a large picture of Rocky Balboa. License plates from Montana and Louisiana add to the fake Americana and furniture is wooden but not that comfy.

The Menu has the usual pasta and pizza etc and the breakfast does gf so that was a bonus. I had a latte which was OK but the fry-up (with gf toast) wasn’t great. The sausage looked barely cooked and the bacon smelt like a chemical toilet.

Despite what was on the walls, I felt a sense of ennui so I gorped at my fellow diners. A man with a perpetual cold, a man with a rapist’s face doing a crossword, two teenage-girls taking about women’s problems (from what I could tell) and a loud Geordie with a pot-belly the size of Texas talking into his phone.

There was wifi (BT) was a bit slow but easy to log-on. Motown played in the background as I tried to keep my bacon down. I left thinking ‘Mama Mia’ this place needs a chef.  This place has to do better or it will be sleeping with the fishes!

Verdict: 2/5

Good: Interesting inside

Bad: Food. A bit pricey. Wifi slow.