This little hidey-hole has been around quite a few years now. Once ran by a Frenchman, it was an expensive place with average food. Since it was taken over by an English family a few years ago, it has been transformed. Mon Dieu!

Rather than go inside in one of two sections (each with a loo) you can go outside in the courtyard and imagine you are in France; in a town where Al Fresco opportunities are limited, this is almost exciting. You can also lounge on the cushion topped wicker chairs (and stare at people or the wall) if you are lucky enough to get one.

To add to the authenticity there is even a bike that looks like it’s just been parked by a Parisian. Presumably some onions are hanging up somewhere and a beret is hung on the toilet door. Elsewhere both suitable and cliched paraphernalia of Paris and France are abound. Some of the tables are glass topped over maps of French roads – une belle touche. Toilets are good and staff are efficient and pleasant, often providing eye-candy to the vieux clients masculins.

Clientele is middle class (if not the chattering types) and I’ve heard ex-teachers talking about Latin vocab to dentists discussing opera. If we were in the cafe at ASDA then we’d be discussing where to score some Spice.

Coffee and food is of a decent standard such as the usual Croque Monsieur, cakes and a very good French Onion soup. They also do GF bread which is a bonus. Prices are a little steep but this may be a deliberate ploy to keep the riff-raff from the door.

This place now deserves larger premises with a better view, still it’s one of the best cafes, if not the best, in the area. Vive La Café de Paris!

Verdict 5/5


Food Atmos. Décor


A bit pricey. Can be hard to get a seat at busy times.