There used to be a Mrs Robinson type character working here if memory (or mammary) serves. There was no sign of her or any graduate boys but there were two very pleasant waitresses busy servicing (in a different way) punters. One thing that has changed is that Enzo has a new interior / layout and is much better for it. The counter area is inviting with the usual teas, bottles etc and a large ‘Pizza’ sign ordering me to order something doughy. I must obey…..

Dangly coloured cloth lampshades hang from the beams of the grade II listed ceiling. Exposed brickwork, wooden floors and furniture is solid if not mega comfy in a mixture of MDF and wooden furniture (with one high chair near the window). I sigh as someone tries to get a pram through the door. The cafe feels a bit cramped and if you don’t sit in the right place feel like everyone is a listener (especially if you sit next to those mute couples with wagging ears). Still it’s ten times better than the old layout which was so claustrophobic where you felt like you were getting a lap dance when someone walked past you.

A couple in their mid-forties sat near me. She, bored, impatient, pretty and tried to get a word in edgeways. He, a squat gargoyle in a leather jacket, thinking he was a wag but she was unimpressed by his feeble attempts at humour. His turned up the volume but this just succeeded in annoying more people. We agreed on one thing; he was as funny as a near-side collision with a Ford Focus.

The selection of teas and cakes at the counter looked tempting and the latte I ordered was pretty good. The breakfast menu is bready and main menu is mainly pasta, dough and a few salads but there are GF and vegan options and the pasta and dough is cooked fresh every day. I had the Arrabbiata which was perfectly toothsome. They also do a light or regular portions which is a good idea so those with more sparrow-like appetites can just have a nibble (though with Nantwich prices it will do more than nibble your wallet!).

The vibe was pretty good with Amy Winehouse and cafe jazz music playing at the right volume. When I was asked by a waitress what volume I preferred just as Little Mix started playing, I said jokingly said ‘Off’. I wasn’t joking though. Wifi is fast and actually works. Take note Costa!

A woman walked in wearing tights and with a strange walk reminding me of Max Wall. Maybe she come in to see the exposed brickwork….

Verdict: 4/5


Friendly. Food and coffee.


A bit cramped. A bit noisy when full.