So you find yourself hungry in Alderley Edge and have more shallower pockets that the locals then maybe place fits the bill. Despite its location, it seems fairly unlikely you are going to bump into Ken Barlow or David Silva in here; more likely a few RHOC wannabees and the odd bad-tempered van driver parked up on his way up the A34. I’ve probably visited this cafe five times and have only seen Martin Edwards (he of the former chairman of Manchester Utd variety who was involved in a peeping tom/flashing scandal) eating a bacon sandwich. I also had a ‘car’ off with him in Waitrose over a parking space once so me and this pervster have history.

Not so much the ‘be seen’ places like the other eateries in AE (most of the seating is indoors and do you want to be seen by the paps eating a fry-up?) and a sure sign is you don’t see Helen Flanagan or some other vapid arse pouting with a handbag draped over one arm. Not that you see paps very often unless they are hiding in a car somewhere hoping to get a glimpse of Paddy McGuinness’ wife.

The decor is fine without being exciting; lots of greys, a wooden floor, spotlights, few pictures of how the high street used to look and the odd football shirt.

Service pretty good although clearance can be too eager. I had my plate taken away before I had time to wipe my mouth so serviette was left on my table. Still any excuse not to leave a tip. 🙂

Prices are reasonable especially for the location where I spraffed £2.30 for a regular latte.  It is Turkish owned and they’ve got one in Wilmslow too if you fancy another venue. Not sure if there is one in Marmaris though. I don’t think they’d be too upset – it’s not really a Turkish Delight. Sorry.

Verdict: 3/5

Good: Slight chance you will see someone interesting. Reasonable price.

Bad: A bit meh. Not huge inside.