Two things dragged me into this bar/cafe close to the Corn Exchange of Leeds. Firstly it is ‘Yorkshire’ themed and secondly the name. Yorkshire was once sub-divided into administrative areas called Wapentakes – the Danelaw equivalent of an Anglo-Saxon Hundred in most other counties. The word derived from an assembly or meeting place, usually at a cross-roads or near a river, where literally one’s presence or a vote was taken by a show of weapons, where-in after a night of merriment would ensue.

This place is a ‘A Little Piece of Yorkshire’, by combining a Bakery, Café and Bar to serve and support the local community.

The building is several floors (only two where customers can sit) of boarded, old slightly worn wooden tables and chairs that you would expect in a pub that’s been around a bit although this cafe only opened in 2016. Feels a bit spit and sawdust. A bar greets you with muffins and brownies baked on the premises (which look good) as you walk through the door.

This places seems to act as a social hub for students/trendies/alkies and those wishing to recover from a hang-over with a greasy breakie. I ordered the Yorkshire Fry-Up and from a distance I wasn’t hoping for much but on delivery was pleasantly surprised;  beans (Henderson’s – from Sheffield), tomato, bacon (a bit salty), sos, hash brown, poached eggs and a muffin  – mostly locally sourced from Kirkgate Market. The brown sauce too which tasted like Stokes but was Henderson’s too. All spot on. Latte decent too (coffee provided by a local company in Skipton). They try to offer a vegan and gluten free option to everything on the menu which is a big thumbs up.

There is plenty on the wall to look at as you cogitate and masticate. Artwork provided by local artists (available for sale), posters, framed pictures of all sorts, skates, cricket bats, and a large piece of wood from a building. There is also an old piano made-over by a local graffiti artists and Sky sports upstairs. Trendy pendulous lamps hang down from spider legs

Cool music plays by Yorkshire artists and they have live music nights. Two Victorian toilets with posters and wifi seemed quick.

A few Norwegians from last night’s A-ha gig and a gaggle of hens the worst for wear enter as we leave. Maybe Morten, Pal and Mags were in for a bacon bap.

Verdict: 4.5/5

Good: Good breakie, locally sourced, interesting, good vibe.

Bad: Busy. A bit spit and sawdust.