If you have kids or want somewhere a bit different then Nantwich’s latest cafe might be up your alley.

There are two televisions where you can monitor your little brats in the back which is sectioned off into a creche (and the sound-proofing seems to work quite well).

The decor is bee/hive themed with grey/yellow reflected in the patterned wallpaper, boarded floor and colour scheme throughout the cafe. There is a wooden counter and few bee models are dotted about on the walls. This place is also quite spacious but I suppose it needs to be if pushchairs are to clog up the aisles.

The menu is the usual fry-ups, sarnies and jacket spuds but there is a GF breakfast so that is good (the children’s menu also has a full English). Price wise seems reasonable too. Was expecting honey-glazed items and a few more bee puns but that is just naff perhaps. Mind you the menu was not exactly interesting.

I opted for the fry-up with an Americano. The coffee was bit odd and the sausage was weird tasting as was the cheap baked-beans and salty bacon. We ordered ‘doorstep’ toast but were given normal sized slices. Not good but it has just opened so will give them the benefit of the doubt. Or maybe I won’t. How hard is it to buy Heinz beans, proper bread, decent sausage and bacon that won’t push your blood pressure up to bursting point? Oh and coffee that doesn’t taste like a cross between Matey Bubble Bath and Nesquick? Calm down Dave, calm down.

Service was friendly but a burglar alarm went off in the street so we left early. I suppose if the cafe was full of kids then the sound would have been drowned out anyway…

Verdict: 3/5

Good: Decor. Gluten-Free options

Bad: Food