Now and again I come across a board games cafe and so like to have a shufty. This one is a space to scoff, drink and throw seventeen-sided dice. They have 350 board games in its library which has a lot of RPG type of games (things with Orcs) and more classic ones like Cluedo and Operation. Here you can battle a zombie army and I don’t mean get into a altercation with teenagers outside McDonald’s

Anyway I was served a reasonable coffee in a oversized cup which was too full and spilt on the saucer. Thank you waiter from Slumberland!

They do the usual salads, cakes and crumpets etc. Ordered beans on toast (no gf bread only wraps and pitta) so ordered brown. Nice but a bit pixie-sized but was only the ‘I’m only a bit peckish’ section at £3.50 so is fair enough.

A few young-guns were playing games and there was a couple of bored mothers and a spotty guy (with a pepperoni complexion) that seemed to be dribbling onto his own sleeve. Some Americans too though not sure if they got lost somehow on their way back from Chester?

The space is not huge but OK and has wooden floors and semi-comfy chairs. Bit of Chili Peppers and Depeche Mode playing for a good vibe. There a bit of decent art on the wall but not enough really as it felt a bit sparse. But at least there are some quite cool massive lamps. Tiny ladders were dotted about each covered with twigs – well it is Northwich and things are different here I noted as I watched a man outside playing tonsil-tennis with his pet labrador.

Overall it could do with a bit more to look at and be a bit more cosy. Still if you are busy battling an army of the undead, I suppose you’re not gonna notice.


Verdict: 2.5 /5

Good: Food, games

Bad: Service, not cosy or interesting enough inside