If you are hoping for an exciting vibrant cafe to wake you up in the morning then you will be relying solely on the caffeine here I’m afraid. This is one of the three (at the time of writing) CoffeeWorks Project cafes in London and probably the smallest and least exciting. An archetypal artisan caff with bare walls and bare everything (except the staff comprising of a youngish bored teenager and a hipster bien sur who were a bit miserable). Concrete walls and a slightly tatty feel to the place gives this a makeshift pop-up feel.

Menu is standard artisan; cakes, avo on toast etc but the granola is quite impressive and latte pretty decent as you’d expect.

I wish I could get more excited but these places are three-a-penny now. Unless you are in a remote Scottish island then these places just brings on a yawn now. The only interesting things here apart from some cool electronica music was a teenage Indian guy on a high chair fiddling with himself and some sinister looking Russians on the corner table. I longed for something stimulating, like the time I caught two teenagers in flagrante delicto in a Little Chef toilet in 1999.

It’s not exactly homely, comfy or warm even. Wooden chairs (some high) and tables lit by small spot lights from metallic strips lighting. It has an austere feeling to it. Maybe this place would do well in Russia.

Verdict: 3/5


Cool (literally), coffee, granola


Cold, staff, dull