It wasn’t an easy decision picking between which of the city’s Northern Quarter cafes to visit. I’ve been in a few of them before from the Sugar Lounge, Home Sweet Home and The Soup Kitchen. But being Manchester I was already drenched so I looked for somewhere to dry off. I chose The Teacup Kitchen as it looked like it had a vibe and beans on toast on the menu.

Décor is painted walls (blue mainly) adorned with posters for a local festival which happened a few months ago, still it looks quite good on the walls and is cheaper than buying art.

Wooden and metal benches and some old school chairs bien sûr. This gave it a slight look of the set of Please Sir. Dangly lights and home made cakes as per norm made me spontaneously yawn but that could have been me just being tired. There was quite a nice vibe though possibly helped by some Simon and Garfunkel live album. Roof is metallica with downy hanging lightbulbs and is a fairly nice place to be.

French students seem to be serving and were a bit thrown by me ordering off-menu (bean on toast rather than the advertised grilled cheese). A ‘quoi’ was heard but they soon sorted me out and were efficient and friendly.

Toilets were surprisingly spacious and coloured as if they once belong to a brothel. Someone had drawn a large pair of breasts on the wall so I suppose they had made the same assumption. Anyway the wifi was intermittent where I was sitting so that is a thumbs down and got my back up.

On paying I ventured a ‘Vous etes de France?’ which was met with a blank stare before I walked out of the shop. Maybe it’s because of accent but more like was Brexit so I made a sharp exit. I wondered what the brown stuff on top of my cappuccino was….


Verdict: 3/5


Food was nice enough. Atmos.


Stingy portions. Zombie service. Wifi. Decor a bit dull