I had some peace for about five minutes. I was reasonably content sat outside in the shade supping a semi-cold latte watching the cool, rich and tourist wander past.  I felt a sense of calm for a moment as the breeze blew my hair and I breathed deeply. My serenity was them trampled on by a gang of builders arriving on a low loader to work on the cafe next door. Clanging and banging and not giving a tuppenny feck and shouting their usual obscenities.

By now the cafe was getting busy with the usual crowd consisting of celeb spotters, groovy teenagers and yummy mummies. And then there was the dog walkers letting their dogs mate close to my table and trying to get their paws on my sausage brioche. The undead waitress would have made a good extra in one of George A. Romero’s films,  bringing me ketchup despite me asking for brown sauce. I’m not sure she really knew I was there. Maybe she should have used the tom sauce as blood for her zombie make-up.

I’d eaten so I didn’t want much but there was a good breakfast selection. The cafe is not that exciting but does have some grass on the wall inside and plenty of dark greys. The seating was a bit uncomfortable with wooden seats and the wifi did not work but no-one seemed to care.

There was then the distraction of a passing David Walliams walking his dog. His dog did not stop and try to dry hump my leg or eat my brioche. Well-trained you see. Pity the staff of this cafe aren’t.

Verdict: 3/5

Good: Decent menu / food selection. Location.

Bad: A bit meh. Wifi. Staff could wake-up a bit. Cramped.