It was a weekday in July and quite busy in this pretty touristy village. We looked for a non-rammed joint and thought this gaff to be the least risky.

A friendly, if slightly over-eager, Angelos Epithemiou look-a-like greeted us and we got a table away from the lurgee carrying general public. We were given no gel as we arrived though it was available by the exit (!) but there was a trace and trace system at least.

My ears started to bleed as American Soft Rock gushed out of the speakers. Cher, a sort of sonic Covid, spread around the room as we arrived. Still it was not too loud and I blocked her out with two marshmallows in my ears. 🙂

The cafe is semi-interesting if a little scruffy; Artex walls, tatty wooden chairs and tables on scuffed red floor tiles slobbered on by a few of the cute local dogs. There was art for sale if you get your kicks by gawking at scribbles of ewes or sketches of dry stone walls. Or if you prefer to buy a little woolly cross-eyed llama then you will enjoy the locally made trinkets displayed on two dressers.

There was oversized teapots in the windows and a shed load of china cups dangling perilously from beams on the ceiling. I was tempted to order a crash helmet with our fodder.

The menu wasn’t huge and inspiring – sandwiches and toasties really but with a few alternative milks and GF items at least. We had a cup of tea though which tasted like it had been sieved through an old woman’s gusset. Oh, and an average tuna jacket and a tasty cheese toastie with a salad limper than the lead singer of Years and Years.

A storm arrived and it threw it down outside. And for a moment we considered staying a little longer until the rain had gone off. But on came ‘Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now’ by Starship and we realised that being soaked to the skin is not all that bad.

Verdict: 2.5/5

Good: Friendly, quirky, interesting

Bad: Food could be better. Needs a refurb. Bad music.