When I passed this cafe I was a little bit gobsmacked, not expecting such an establishment in a place like this. When I think of Oswestry I think of a sleepy, semi-backward border town where the inhabitants have a penchant for bestiality.

In I went then and found that downstairs was cramped but quite hip. So I ordered a GF cheese toastie and ventured up steep stairs to where it was more capacious. I was greeted with relaxing music and views out of the window down onto the street. Chairs were uncomfortable as were wooden benches where you lean against a wall below hanging cartwheels and old grain bags. Leather chairs were comfy though if you can snag one.

I heard the cook say ‘bollocks’ shortly before my food arrived.  I wondered whether my order had been dropped on the floor en-route or someone had sneezed on the cheese. I crossed my fingers as I tucked in, luckily it tasted fine and I can report I didn’t choke on a stray contact lens.

A couple of teenage girls wolf-whistled through the window at a passing heart-throb as one of those posh Dyson fans (also on heat) blew hot air into the room. But it was blowing in the opposite direction from me so I had to cuddle up to my latte so as not to get hypothermia.

The quiet was punctured by a child belonging to a liberal mummy (#unattentiveparent) falling of a stool and duly screaming down the café. This was my queue to leave. I was still cold and felt like the local cheese, Shropshire Blue.

Verdict:  3.5/5


Food and GF/ Vegan available. Coffee good (latte). Vibe. Wifi. Friendly.


A bit chilly in the winter months. Could be a bit more comfy. Downstairs cramped.